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Vehicle Pre-Inspection System

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car valuation india

Vehicle Inspection System

About VahanInspection

VahanInspection – Vehicle Inspection System

  • Mobile and Online Web based Inspection system design to perform Vehicle Inspections
  • Mobile App will help field Inspection Agents to inspect vehicles and capture Vehicle photographs in real time
  • Send Inspection Report to Requesting Authority, instantly
  • Prompt service to customers and save precious time of all stake holders

vahan inspection

Key Features

  • 100+ point check across all critical areas of 4-wheeler
  • Detailed inspection of Engine, Brakes, Transmission, Suspension, Tires,
    HVAC, Electricals and all other subsystems
  • Test drive (subject to vehicle owner’s consent) to understand ride quality and other sporadic issues
  • Vehicle Theft Verification against stolen vehicle database
  • Basic verification of RC book and Insurance papers

Business Benefits

  • No manual operations & reduced Inspection time cycle
  • No communication lapses,
  • Data Accuracy and Reliability
  • Discrepancy Control – Geo-location tagging
  • Productivity increase – More inspections per day
  • High Customer Satisfaction – Instant reporting

Vehicle Inspection Scenarios

Mobile Inspection


  • 1. Old Car Loans
  • 2. Car Valuation for auction (Car Loan Defaulter)

Car Surveyor and agent

Car Buyer / Sellers

Old Car Inspection from Buyer/Seller to Purchase/Sell the Car

insurance coverage

Car Dealer

  • 1. Car Inspections Report in Stock to share with Buyers
  • 2. Enable fast Car Sales

online inspection

Car Portals (Aggregators)

All Approved listing of Cars on the Portal needs to be Inspected

How It work

insurance claims process

VahanInspection - Highlights

Success Story

Leading General Insurance Co. of India, using VahanCheck Successfully in 20+ States, current engagement fact sheet

pre purchase inspection
# Key Parameter Time
1 Average Pre-Inspection Time per Vehicle in Field By Agent/Surveyor from Mobile App 2.10 minutes
2 Average Pre-Inspection Upload Time per Vehicle (Counted on 3GB Data plan)
  • with 10 Vehicle Photos - 0.48 minutes
  • with 20 Vehicle Photos - 1.36 minutes
3 Average Pre-Inspection Report Size (PDF) 1.17 MB
4 Average QC - Quality Control Review Time per Vehicle Pre-Inspection
By QC Pre-Inspection Officer at his Office via Web Portal Task -

Open the Pre-Inspection case and Review following

  1. 1. Customer & Vehicle Details
  2. 2. Vehicle Photos with Agent comments
  3. 3. Vehicle Assembly detail (Broken, Dented, Starches)

1 minute

VahanInspection – Process Flow


Hosting and System Requirements

Hosted as Cloud Solution on Private Cloud Server – Benefits

  • Pay-as-you-use Model
  • Safe & Secure Data Backups
  • Online & Real Time, Access to Past Pre-Inspection Data
  • Conduct Unlimited Vehicle Inspections
  • Automatic Product Release version updates
  • Monthly Billing Cycle
  • Dedicated independent Database instance /server, no interference with other Insurance Company Database Server

motor inspection

System Requirements

  • In-house or Cloud Server hosting
  • Android/Windows Mobiles or Tablets 4 Inch & above
  • Data connectivity - 4G, 3G, WIFI
  • App Download - VahanCheck App Server

Sample Report


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  • Save in Operation Cost
  • Increase Productivity by 50%
  • 99% Fraud Control Management

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Vehicle Pre-Inspection System